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Yellow Flowers

“JOSEPH FOR DIGNITY leverages smart partnerships and volunteer energy to maximize the greatest dollar versus impact ratio. Corporate overhead has never exceeded 3% allowing 97% of all donations to support our global missions.”


A world in which Human Rights are Protected, Human Dignity is Valued, Diversity is Respected, And People have Economic Opportunities.

Our Purpose

To promote the health and welfare needs of refugees, youth who have disabilities, or are orphaned, vulnerable populations, and those who live in impoverished regions.

Our Objectives

#1    To drive broad economic growth in impoverished regions.

#2    To support mission work in vulnerable and impoverished regions.

#3    To support independent volunteer work with communities in need.

#4    To support study abroad educational opportunities for students from less industrialized countries.

#5    To support study abroad educational opportunities for students to less industrialized countries. 

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